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Random Views



Just the view behind us while walking along Mexico Beach.



One of the larger pieces of coral we’ve seen while walking along the beach.



A sand crab who decided to watch us along the way.

Morning at the Beach

Here are a few shots of our last morning at Mexico Beach last week.  Cyndi and I got up pretty early to see the sunrise and just enjoy the stillness of the morning!

I never get tired of these views or the opportunities to walk along the beach to enjoy them!  Life is more than good to us!

Some Wednesday Thoughts

Cyndi and I are headed to Mexico Beach, Florida tomorrow afternoon.  This view is what we’re hoping our evenings will be like for a few days!

Some random thoughts:

1.  We’ve been walking for 12 straight days!  Three miles in the morning and three miles in the evening!  Great time to spend with my wife!

2.  I calculated this week that we have spent about 25 days (24 hour days) commuting from Inverness to Tallahassee the past 18 months.  Knowing that this was what God intended for us in this season of life has helped with the fatigue and stress that creeps in.  Knowing He has a plan for our future keeps us going!  Waiting for Him to reveal that plan!

3.  Leadership is/can be hard.  If it was easy, everyone would be a leader.  Leaders who won’t do the hard things really aren’t leaders.

4.  Laughter is good!  We celebrated our end of semester community group this week with a “cook out”.  Great food and so much laughter with some of our best friends.  I can’t remember when I have laughed so hard or so loud!

5.  Good friends are valuable.  If you have a good friendship, work to keep it.  If you don’t have a good friend, work to find one.

Sea Shells

We try to get to the beach 4-5 times a year.  Guaranteed activity while we are there will be a walk in the early morning and late afternoon.  These walks are disguised as exercise but in reality are hunts for additional shells to add to our collections!  I’m amazed that this particular beach has “seasons” for different types of shells that are washed ashore.  Every three months or so, a different type of shell will be predominate.

While talking about shells with Cyndi on this trip our conversation turned to large shells.  Cyndi reminisced about childhood when teachers would encourage us to use these large shells as gifts to parents for things like Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.  Our names would be written inside, along with the date and presented as an ashtray to one parent or the other.  What in the world were our role models thinking?!  Would your child’s teacher send home an ash tray today as a present?  Times and culture change in dramatic ways over the years!