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A Few Days Away

ImageI’m looking forward to being away for a few days!  While our purpose away is to visit Cyndi’s mom, I’m sure there will be opportunities like the picture above!

And some time at sunrise and sunset at Mexico Beach.

Time to reflect on our life together and what the future may hold.

Time to brainstorm some business ideas and determine next steps.

Time to vision for our roles at City Church.

Most important, though, will be time together.

Leadership or Management?

Many people in all types of organizations often confuse leadership with management – assuming they are synonymous or interchangeable terms.  When leaders understand the differences and how the qualities can be applied in their organization, positive change can take place.

Leadership is about behavior while management is about process.

Don’t misunderstand me on this.  I believe that all organizations should have the correct systems and processes in place to achieve the vision and mission of the organization.  But leadership is about more than that!  You can be the best manager on Planet Earth and still not be a leader.  Leaders truely are different!

Leadership is about effectively communicating your vision. It’s about caring for your team and the team understanding you care about them.  Leadership is about serving and doing – the phrase “leadership by example” is more than just words.  It’s about listening – intently.  It’s about including your team.  Leadership is about morals and character – both in the workplace and in your personal life.  Leadership is about being bold when it’s not convenient.  It’s about doing the right thing and having the tough conversations.  Leadership is about being consistent with people while constantly stretching them and yourself.

If leadership was easy, everyone would be one.  Have you ever noticed how many managers there are and how few actual leaders there are?

If you want to be a leader and not just a manager, I challenge you to begin today by thinking and acting differently!

Perception vs. Reality

This week I watched the reaction of people to death.  Two very different lives, both died with many years left to be productive in this world.

Sunday morning a young man (19 years old) was shot to death at a party.  It appears the party was fueled by alchohol and drugs and fighting, attended by many underage kids and generally a place where you shouldn’t be.  As you community reacted to this senseless death, a picture of a different young man was emerging and being told.  Friends spoke of his gentleness and kindness and what a good man he was.

Last night Steve Jobs died.  Immediately quotes attributed to him began being retweeted and posted on Facebook and every other social media site.  People lauded his vision, his technology, his ability to create.  Certainly our world has become a better place techologically because of him.

Here’s the saddest thing about both of these men.  Both of them died without accepting Christ as their personal savior – or at least from accounts of persons who knew them.  The things we do here on earth are only temporary at best.  Our goodness, our kindness, our knowledge, our passions, our abilities to motivate others, our ability to speak or to be silent – all of it pales in the one truth that will ultimately define who we are.

As much as thousands of people will mourn the death of these two men, God is saddened as well.  For different reasons.

Don’t let today go by without telling someone you love about Jesus.