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Self Discovery

I attended an event at Athens Church yesterday in Athens, Georgia with four other leaders from City Church Tallahassee.  The event was to showcase the buildout and remodel of an old box store into a functioning church campus.  Nice opportunity to see some cool space, pick up some PR ideas, talk to designers and construction guys and listen to a fund raiser and church pastor talk about money and the process of raising it.

After a few hours of listening to operational stuff, I realized something I’ve known all along but maybe was running away from.  I’m actually knowledgeable about operations and administration and strategic decisions and the ministry side of that and pretty good at it. 

This summer I spent 10 days in Cartagena, Colombia doing pure evangelism.  I got fired up about it and even considered relocating to South America to work full time with people in that area of the world.  I have a passion for helping people.  I have for awhile.

But yesterday I realized that I’m really good at some things that can help churches.  I just need to determine how to channel this knowledge into a job that is a win/win for me and for others.

But the important thing is God revealed something to me yesterday.  And for that I am thankful!

What does God want you to hear from Him?  Are you in a position to listen?  Do you want to hear from Him?  Will you act on what He says?

God can and does use circumstances in our daily lives to guide us.  Too often we wear blinders and don’t even want to see what opportunities abound.  Maybe we should all live more dangerously!