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This is a repost of Perry Noble in its entirety – none of it is mine!

What Every Leader Needs To Know March 14, 2012

People will not follow you long term if they do not like you.

Seriously, it doesn’t really matter how much you pay someone…you just can’t pay people enough to like you!!! Eventually, if you are not a leader who actually likes people they will leave (for a lesser salary) to go and work for someone who they do like.

However, your main obsession as a church leader should not be to be LIKED but rather to be LOYAL to the One who has called, chosen and equipped you for ministry.

The good news is that one does not have to be sacrificed for the other…

You do not have to become a people pleaser and turn your back on God.

And you do not have to be a ruthless, manipulative dictator because you are “honoring God’s call on your life!”

One of the things I’m personally discovering as a leader is…

The closer I walk with Jesus the more I love and care about people…and the more people understand that I care WAY MORE about WHO THEY ARE BECOMING than what they are actually doing then they are way more likely to buy into me as a leader–which is important because people buy into a leader WAY before they buy into what he/she is leading.

(Leaders, don’t FREAK OUT when you read this!!! If a person is becoming more like Jesus they will naturally do their best work…but if they are so immersed in doing work that they aren’t becoming more like Christ then you are in trouble. Most likely you are driving them out of fear and insecurity rather than leading them out of love and genuine concern!)

So, saying all of this–what is it that every leader needs to know?

Simple: Loving Jesus = loving people NOT using them!

Leaders that have positive long term impact are the ones who care way more about others than they do themselves.

I cannot be a leader who honors God and His call on my life if I do not love the people who He has called and equipped to work with me.

170 Hours

Quick post about my week.

Today when I drove into my driveway I had been gone from my house for more than 170 hours.  Seven days and a few hours!  Loved every minute I was away but also secretly wanted to be in my house, watch my tv, sleep in my bed tonight – you get the picture.  Tomorrow morning we pack up and head out again – but for a much shorter time!

I had the opportunity to spend about 40 of those 170 hours with a group of staff and volunteers from City Church Tallahassee as we road tripped to Anderson, South Carolina to participate in Unleash – a one day conference hosted by Perry Noble and Newspring Church.  This was not my first visit to Newspring but I enjoyed it as if it was!  Having an opportunity to worship, listen to some incredible original music by Newspring Worship, hear Perry Noble twice, talk and connect with some people who do community groups with excellence, participate in a breakout with Shane Duffy as he shared about cultural relevance and Biblical truth – all with 34 others from City Church (of yeah and about 3,500 other people!)

Here are two take aways I brought with me:  1.  Numbers do matter because every number is a person.  Every person has a story.  God is interested in our stories.  Numbers do matter.  2.  If you’re going to do something, why not do it with excellence.

I love what is taking place in Tallahassee right now!  Easter at the Civic Center is going to be unbelievable!  All because of Jesus!


Missional Church – Perry Noble

This post is taken from Perry Noble in it’s entirety – no part of this is mine!  But it is so good I wanted to share it with you today!

Your Church Isn’t Missional If… January 12, 2012

If you are the pastor/church leader who is running around declaring that your church is “missional,” then there’s a good shot your probably not.

Before you get angry let me ask a few questions…

  • Does Martha Stewart have to declare she is a good cook?
  • Does Drew Brees have to declare that he is a good quarterback?
  • Does Taylor Swift have to declare that she can sing?
  • Does Lebron James have to declare he can dunk a basketball?
  • Does B.B. King have to declare that he can play the blues?
  • Does John Grisham have to declare that he can write fiction really well?

The answer to these questions is a BIG FAT NO!!!  These people aren’t who they are because of what they are declaring, but rather because of what they are doing!!!

Anyone can declare that they can do something, but a really wise man (JESUS) once said that wisdom is proved right by actions (doing) and not merely by declaration!  (That is my paraphrase of Matthew 11:19)

If you church is missional then you don’t have to tell anyone, the world already knows.

And, if you are not missional then using that as a buzzword will not help!!!

The church needs to have less declaring and more doing; after all, didn’t that same really wise man say that the world would know we are His because of the way we love one another (see John 13:34-35)?

When a church is missional it never has to declare it to be so…it simply does what it does and the world around it is changed!

Leader or Staff?

Some times I think it’s ok to pass along what someone else has written.  Below is some thoughts on types of staff by Perry Noble, Pastor at Newspring Church in Greenville, South Caronlina.  Leaders can learn alot by understanding – really understanding – their staff.

Perry Noble recently shared four types of staff members that he sees.  I wonder which ones you have on YOUR staff… and… which one are YOU?

#1 – “Can Do”

This is the person that if you tell them you want to land a 747 on the stage of your church they immediately begin to brainstorm as to how it can be done.  They have a fire and passion and really do believe that NOTHING is impossible with God.

#2 – “Can’t Do”

Many times these people like to refer to themselves as “the devils advocate,” they are always finding reasons things can’t get done and seem to bring a negative tone to every meeting they are in.  I have said it before, I will say it again…the devil does not need a freakin advocate, he is doing fine all by himself.  The person that is always saying that something can’t be done is USUALLY saying so because if the vision that is being cast is put into play then it will cause either a greater amount of work for them…OR require them to leave their comfort zone.

#3 – “Won’t Do”

If a staff member (including the senior pastor) isn’t willing to do whatever it takes to make the vision happen then that team will NEVER accomplish all that it could accomplish.  If someone on staff makes it a common practice to declare what they will not do in regards to executing the vision of the church then they are not pursuing Jesus (who washed feet in John 13) and need to be confronted in love and challenged that our gifting does make us unique…but we all have the same calling, to do whatever it takes to reach as many people as possible who are far from God.

#4 – “Didn’t Know I Could Do”

The disciples had no idea they could do what they wound up doing until a leader came along (Jesus) who was constantly challenging them to go beyond themselves and attempt the “impossible.”

There are people in our churches and on our staff that are able to do way more than they are currently doing…they just are unaware of it because a leader has never dared to believe in them nor challenged them to leave their comfort zone.

via Four Types Of Staff Members :: Perry Noble | Leadership, Vision & Creativity.