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Daily Life and Our Reactions to It

God has a tremendous sense of humor!  He also allows lots of scenes to play out in our lives to give us the opportunities to react and live how He has instructed us to.  Here’s a great case in point:

If you’ve read this blog before chances are you know I have been unemployed since January 2011.  God has provided and for that I am thankful!  While I have been searching for employment, luck has not been with me!  A new friend this year has been praying with and for me in this search.  He has been very encouraging along the journey.  So much that as a job became available in his organization, he encouraged me to apply.  And while he couldn’t guarantee anything, he was on the interview committee! Interview day came and I had a good session with the three men on the panel.  Granted I didn’t have some specific experience they preferred but I did have a boat load of the general experience they required.  As the weekend came I was a little bummed that I had not heard the results yet but went on about my duties.  Sunday I led an orientation session after each of our morning services.  Before I could start the first one, my friend on the interview panel came up and told me someone else was offered the position.  Timing is usually everything and this really wasn’t the best!

My reaction could have been extreme at this point.  It would not have been unheard of to become discouraged, angry, disappointed, bitter, (you fill in the adjective).  But God provided me with calmness and a sense of direction as I was able to continue with my volunteer job and my orientations went very well.

The next day I texted a friend about my discouragement in this job search.  Later I apologized for whining to him and acknowledged that God has been very faithful to us and for that I am grateful.  His response to me is one that I hope I remember for a long time – simple but so true:  “God is good all the time.  All the time God is good. But life is real and sometimes it stinks.  And at times we just don’t know what to do.”  That’s not just pastor talk, that’s friend talk.  And I love him for saying those words to me.

I’m convinced this is another specific example of God providing me the opportunity to add to large inventory of experiences that I will be able to share with someone who needs to hear about it.  While I don’t like the outcome of the interview, I am grateful that God allows me to see a bigger picture.  While sometimes I think this is all about me, I really know that it’s not.  It’s really about Him!


Life Lessons

Sometimes we are destined to be put in the same circumstances more than once in this life.

Over the past few weeks I have watched a scenerio very similar to past experiences play out in new environments with new participants.  Hopefully the outcomes will be more positive than what I have witnessed before.

While both of these existing life lessons are focused on leadership, I believe the core lessons learned can be applied to a marriage, a relationship, a job or any organizational hierarchy.

Lesson One:  When you know what you need to do, do it, no matter how hard it is, no matter who needs to be involved, no matter how unpleasant the conversation will be.  By not doing what you need to do, you are postponing the inevitable or worse creating an environment for failure.  Your organization is more important than avoiding the necessary.

Lesson Two:  Surround yourself with good advisors and heed their advice!  I have always been a proponent of not only surrounding myself with people smarter than me but also including others who don’t think the same way as I do all the time.  Differing opinions are good – they make me consider other points of view.  Sometimes I am persuaded by others and sometimes the differeing views help me in defining my own decisions and action plans.  Bottom line is there is always someone who may have a better idea than you – listen to it!

Unfortunately I once was a leader who didn’t head lesson one.  Fortunately I learned from that mistake!