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Birthdays and Other Little Things

So this week I celebrated another of my own birthdays. 52 of them have come now!

As I reflect on life so very often, I am amazed at the value we place on certain things!  Whether it’s days we commemorate, items we desire, jobs we wish we had, relationships that would be the best, apartments that have all the luxuries, cars that are just cool, people whose lives we are jealous of, etc., we seem to not be content!

Contentment is not about having everything we want in material things or in relationships.  Contentment comes through our state of mind.  Understanding where we are and knowing that our value doesn’t rest in what we own or who we hang out with.  Rather our value as a person is much more than that and as a Christ follower, I am assured of His love for me.  No matter what.

My immediate goal is to be more conscious of the fact that God loves me and to act like it!