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Friday Thoughts

Lots of thoughts running through my mind today and this week that deal with life, leadership and faith!

1.  We listed our house a few months ago and had an offer to purchase it about a week ago.  For a variety of reasons, I think the deal fell apart today – not entirely about price, although we were still several thousand dollars apart.  While I know this is a tough housing market for sellers, I don’t want to just give my house away!  Life can be difficult to understand at times!  Is that bad?

2.  I’ve been reading a lot about high performance teams and what makes them that way.  Every group of people is not a team and certainly can’t be automatically labled as a high performing one!  I’m convinced that Leaders are the deciding factor in allowing teams to understand their mission and purpose and resourcing them to fulfill their roles and meet established goals.  Most times leaders get in the way or simply don’t allow their teams to do what they are capable or accomplishing.

3.  Cyndi and I had a good discussion this morning about our Faith.  Convinced that God has used us over the past 14 months to impact lives, to be a living example for others and to encourage friends.  Our circumstances don’t determine our belief in God or whether or not He is a good and gracious God!  There are good examples of men of faith in the Bible but often times we don’t want to compare our life situations with them – mainly out of fear that our lives could always be worse!  While I still don’t understand this faith journey we are on completely, I do continue to believe that God is in complete control and He knows what is best for us and wants us to be satisfied in Him!  Our wait, while significant to us, pales in comparison to that of others!

Each of these could be blog entries on their own – disappointed that I don’t have time today to do just that.  And I’ll be away from internet activity for a few days, so checking in will be sporadic!

Random Friday

Random thoughts from this week:

1.  Handwritten notes are still one of the most powerful means of communication, encouragement and persuasion.  When is the last time you took the time to hand write a note to someone?

2.  Interviews are good for you whether you get the job or not.  It’s helpful to hear yourself answer question out loud.  It’s good to see the expressions and reactions from the interviewers to your responses.

3.  Hands on leaders don’t necessarily get in the way but instead are willing to work alongside you even with physical tasks.  A leader should walk the walk and not just talk the talk!

4.  People really do watch what you do and remember how you handle those uncomfortable situations in life.  Be remembered for good not bad.

5.  I can’t wait for the Florida Primary Tuesday because I am sick of political advertisements already.

6.  Sometimes people want you to move out of their lives because you make them uncomfortable.  Your life constantly reminds them of what they know is truth – and they are not willing to embrace the truth yet!

7.  We all need to start living these great sayings we write on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  The world would be a lot better place!

8.  I really keep thinking about Lawton Chiles quote:  “The old he coon walks just before the light of day.”

Hope your Friday is going to be as great as mine!






Authority or Leadership

Many times people confuse authority with leadership.  You can be a boss with authority.  You can be a husband with authority.  You can be an employee with authority.  You can be a volunteer with authority.  You can be a manager with authority.

But not everyone who sits in a position of authority is in a position of leadership.  And some confuse with leadership with positions of authority.  The leader doesn’t have to be the boss.  A leader can lead from the second or third chair.

A leader is someone special.  Someone who is capable of casting vision and breaking it down into bite sized pieces for his/her followers to understand and believe.

A leader uses the input of his/her team to create momentum that is shared by all.  Not someone who forces ideas onto those on his/her team.

A leader values wise counsel from those around him.  Not someone who only surrounds themselves with people who cheer and say “yes” to everything.

A leader creates community by sincere interest in those who follow him.  Not insincere flattery or insuffiecient knowledge of those who follow.

Someone in authority doesn’t need to heed these points if he/she just wants to be in authority or in control.  Being an authority figure doesn’t automatically equate to being a leader.  But an authority figure can be a leader.  If he/she wants to be one and is willing to do the things a leader does.

Leadership is not easy.  If it was, everyone would be a leader and there would be a heck of a lot less followers.

Today’s world needs leaders.  Today’s world needs followers.  Today’s world needs a healthy balance of both!


Leader or Staff?

Some times I think it’s ok to pass along what someone else has written.  Below is some thoughts on types of staff by Perry Noble, Pastor at Newspring Church in Greenville, South Caronlina.  Leaders can learn alot by understanding – really understanding – their staff.

Perry Noble recently shared four types of staff members that he sees.  I wonder which ones you have on YOUR staff… and… which one are YOU?

#1 – “Can Do”

This is the person that if you tell them you want to land a 747 on the stage of your church they immediately begin to brainstorm as to how it can be done.  They have a fire and passion and really do believe that NOTHING is impossible with God.

#2 – “Can’t Do”

Many times these people like to refer to themselves as “the devils advocate,” they are always finding reasons things can’t get done and seem to bring a negative tone to every meeting they are in.  I have said it before, I will say it again…the devil does not need a freakin advocate, he is doing fine all by himself.  The person that is always saying that something can’t be done is USUALLY saying so because if the vision that is being cast is put into play then it will cause either a greater amount of work for them…OR require them to leave their comfort zone.

#3 – “Won’t Do”

If a staff member (including the senior pastor) isn’t willing to do whatever it takes to make the vision happen then that team will NEVER accomplish all that it could accomplish.  If someone on staff makes it a common practice to declare what they will not do in regards to executing the vision of the church then they are not pursuing Jesus (who washed feet in John 13) and need to be confronted in love and challenged that our gifting does make us unique…but we all have the same calling, to do whatever it takes to reach as many people as possible who are far from God.

#4 – “Didn’t Know I Could Do”

The disciples had no idea they could do what they wound up doing until a leader came along (Jesus) who was constantly challenging them to go beyond themselves and attempt the “impossible.”

There are people in our churches and on our staff that are able to do way more than they are currently doing…they just are unaware of it because a leader has never dared to believe in them nor challenged them to leave their comfort zone.

via Four Types Of Staff Members :: Perry Noble | Leadership, Vision & Creativity.

Self Discovery

I attended an event at Athens Church yesterday in Athens, Georgia with four other leaders from City Church Tallahassee.  The event was to showcase the buildout and remodel of an old box store into a functioning church campus.  Nice opportunity to see some cool space, pick up some PR ideas, talk to designers and construction guys and listen to a fund raiser and church pastor talk about money and the process of raising it.

After a few hours of listening to operational stuff, I realized something I’ve known all along but maybe was running away from.  I’m actually knowledgeable about operations and administration and strategic decisions and the ministry side of that and pretty good at it. 

This summer I spent 10 days in Cartagena, Colombia doing pure evangelism.  I got fired up about it and even considered relocating to South America to work full time with people in that area of the world.  I have a passion for helping people.  I have for awhile.

But yesterday I realized that I’m really good at some things that can help churches.  I just need to determine how to channel this knowledge into a job that is a win/win for me and for others.

But the important thing is God revealed something to me yesterday.  And for that I am thankful!

What does God want you to hear from Him?  Are you in a position to listen?  Do you want to hear from Him?  Will you act on what He says?

God can and does use circumstances in our daily lives to guide us.  Too often we wear blinders and don’t even want to see what opportunities abound.  Maybe we should all live more dangerously!