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Pride, Forgiveness, Grace

We’ve been trying to spend more time at Mexico Beach lately. Even though we are almost 4 1/2 hours away, it’s worth every minute of the nine hour round trip! As you can tell from some of my recent posts, we spend quite a bit of our time there early in the morning and late in the evening. This gives us ample time to be in awe of God’s creation! Here’s another recent photo of one of our evenings:

I think one of the reasons I like being in the middle of such awesome reminders is that I need reminded of grace. Sometimes I have a hard time with forgiveness. And my difficulty with forgiveness is nothing but pride on my part. And that’s why I need to be reminded of grace, and love, and mercy. And when I’m reminded of these things, my pride is reduced and I’m humbled by the thought of His love.

Coffee, Friends, and Conversations

About every three weeks I try to get together with some friends for coffee – older guys who get what Cyndi and I are doing and actually are living lives as followers of Christ!  Lately, these guys have expanded the group to include some more “older” guys who have some free time and could certainly use the company – actually an outreach of sorts!  I look forward to spending time with these men, I always smile a lot and have a chance to laugh – and usually come away with some wisdom of some sort!

Today was a little different.  After our group time and as my friends were leaving the coffee shop, one of the men obviously wanted to talk to me alone.  So we did – for more than an hour.  This man lost his wife almost a year ago – cancer.  This man has been a good friend and has allowed Cyndi and I to disciple him a little while – before his wife died.  Today we talked about his wife, his loneliness, Jesus, giving financially, sharing Jesus with others, Christ followers, and more about his wife.  Before our conversation ended, he apologized to me for the way some “Christians” treated Cyndi and I while at his church – he cried a bit – we both did.

Today I had a voice message on a telephone line in Tallahassee at City Church where I volunteer a great amount of time.  (Tallahassee is 200 miles from Inverness – where I live – but that is another story!)  I returned the call and was suprised to talk to a man who had tracked me down via Facebook and Google to ask about a friend – he knew my friend and I once worked together and lived in the same town.  The conversation was a good one – I did all I could to promote my friend!  But the conversation was more than just about my friend.  We talked about grace and God’s love for us.  And how God’s love for me doesn’t increase or decrease based on my works.  We talked about people and their need for Jesus.  We talked our children and how a place called The Well impacted their lives while attending Florida State University.

God used me today to talk to others.  He used me to be compassionate to a man who needed a friend.  Someone to cry with him and tell him it was ok to miss his wife.

God used me today to talk with a man about more than a reference check.  We talked about God’s love and what that really means to us.

I think I may have needed these conversations more than the people who initiated them.

Today I thanked God for conversations.