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Here are a few pics of some of our Saturdays over the past few weeks:


Sunrise in Panama City a few weeks ago!





Same sunrise kinda framed by some oak trees.


I canoed and played in this bay more than 40 years ago when there was a summer camp on the shores.


Part of our tailgate food for the FSU/UF football game.  Bad outcome for the Seminoles but a great pregame party put on by Tri-Eagle Distributors – fried gator, gumbo, raw oysters and of course a lot of different beverages!


And some live music by a local band Houston Deese – some friends of ours!


2012 Election, Social Media, Football and Other Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts about life over the past few weeks:

I really am amazed at the lack of civility among adults. People who, under normal circumstances would demand respect, seem to not feel others should be afforded the same courtesy.  This has never been so evident to me than in the past few months regarding the 2012 presidential elections. People seem to think social media is an open opportunity to spew their bias, hate and arrogance towards anyone who will read it – maybe that is what its for, but I doubt it.

President Obama appears to have won the popular vote and enough electoral college votes to be reelected as President of the United States.  As such, I believe we have a responsibility to pray for him and support him.

I really wanted someone to question the magic, marriage underwear during the presidential debates!

College football continues to be one of the most sacred activities in the South.  Confession:  I have season ticket to FSU football and am a graduate of Auburn University, so I am just as guilty as those I write about.  Even with one of the worst seasons in university history, tens of thousands of people fill Jordan Hare Stadium each home game – win or lose, it’s tradition!

Some of the most beautiful, unfiltered views of the Apalachicola Bay can be found driving along Highway 98. And who knew you could get a great seafood lunch of fish, crab, clams, hush puppies, cole slaw and cheese grits for under $7.00?

While I didn’t think I wanted to ever get back in the business of workforce development, I’m thankful some friends of mine gave me an opportunity to return.  Helping others with employment and training opportunities has helped me remember how blessed I am.  Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board has some dedicated staff who truly care for people!

While I’m not much for tradition, I do like the tradition of family at holidays.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and the opportunity to spend time with our kids!  If you’ve read some of my ramblings before you know that we don’t spend much money on ourselves during the holidays, instead, we choose to spend it on those less fortunate than us.  It starts now with some food drives.  Skip a dinner out this week and buy some food to donate to a family in need or the very least your local food pantry!

Christmas Challenge:  Spend Less. Give More.  Check out Advent Conspiracy for ways to turn your holidays upside down!

Not a big fan of Daylight Savings Time right now.  By the time I get home from work, it’s too late to enjoy the sunsets along the coast at Mexico Beach.  Can’t wait until it’s a regular activity for us again!



God and Football

Does God really care who wins a football game?

I remember a lesson I heard from Andy Stanley about prayer.  Andy questioned whether God really was going to answer the prayer of the little league parent who prayed for his son/daughter to knock in the winning run, or whether God was going to answer the prayer of the basketball player to sink the winning free throw, or whether God would answer the prayer of _________________ (you fill in the blank).

With all the hype about Tim Tebow and his faith, I know that any blog, tweet, comment or conversation that isn’t 100% behind Tebow will be viewed as anti Tebow or anti God or anti faith or anti…..  but here goes:

God doesn’t care if the Denver Broncos win any more games.  God doesn’t care if Tim Tebow wins any more games. I’m willing to bet anyone right now that there are other Christ followers in the National Football League besides Tebow.  I’ll bet there are Christ followers in other professional and collegiate sports that simply choose to tell others about Jesus in a different manner! I’m glad that Tim Tebow is a Christian. While I don’t understand why people think his manner of professing his faith is the way to go about it, I’ll let you be the one to determine your own opinions. I do know that many of the Tebow fans who love his walk don’t emulate it – just cheer him on.

What God cares about is your personal relationship with Him.

I hope the lives of all Christ followers are different enough for non believers to want to know more about Jesus.

Another Southern Football Saturday

Just a fun post about Saturday!

I love football traditions in the South.  Most of them involve tailgate parties with lots of good food and lots of various beverages.  Lots of music and a time to meet new friends.  Yesterday was no exception.  It was Parents Weekend at Florida State – and even though we go every weekend – we were excited to participate.

Our son Ethan decided to participate in Fall Rush this year and he is currently a pledge with Kappa Sigma fraternity.  It was a fun time Saturday morning meeting his pledge brothers as well as current Kappa Sigs.  Live music on the deck accompinied by random introductions to other parents made the morning seem to fly by.  Our daughter Meghan was in Phi Mu sorrority at Florida State and we participated in a few parents weekend brunchs with her over the years as well.  Fraternities pregame differently than sorrorities!

It’s always a good time before a football game.  People are just generally in good moods!  And it always is a plus when your team wins as FSU beat North Carolina State 34-0!

Earlier in the week a fraternity brother of mine from Auburn University randomly asked me if I was going to the AU/Ol Miss game over the weekend.  I only recently reconnected with this former roommate so I was kinda of suprised at the question.  Come to find out, several of our fraternity brothers were gathering in Auburn this weekend, had hired a band for Friday night and were just wanting to reconnect with as many as possible.  This is the kind of thing that makes football in the South special.  I don’t know if they would have done that for an Auburn baseball game!  It was fun to watch Auburn win – although my view was from my living room.

Until you experience a college football weekend in the South, you have never really experienced football!  People love their teams and get passionate about them!

I like to see people express their passions!  That’s what makes good things better!


Football In The South

Full disclosure – I graduated from Auburn University in 1982 (yes, Bo Jackson was there then) and I currently have season football tickets for Florida State University (FSU) and have had for a number of years.

Saturdays in September, October and November are sure to bring out the best and the best in people!  Especially if you live in or grew up in the South.  Football in the South is more than a pastime.  It is usually more than an obsession.  It almost qualifies as a religion.

Each week, fans of their respective college or university (regardless of whether they attended, graduated, or have even been to the campus) begin the pregame rituals of talking smack to their coworkers, friends, social media contacts, etc.  It escalates until game day when full team colors are worn, food and drink is prepared and the real tailgate parties begin.  If you can’t attend the games in person, you clear out a spot around your television and warn visitors of what’s about to happen.  As some 18 or 19 year old young man performs an amazing run, catch or block – you cheer!  When the opposing team does something equally well – you groan, cuss and yell at the tv. As the game nears the end,  you are either euphoric in victory or sullen because of defeat.  By Monday or Tuesday you have recovered and are beginning the cycle again.

I like college football.  I like Jesus even more.  I wish all of the fans of college football who claim to be Christ followers would demonstrate the same passion for Him they do for football.  Or whatever else the idol is for the week.

My prayer has been to be more of a follower and less of a fan.  Maybe more prayers should be that.