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September Thoughts

It has been more than a month since I have written here.  No excuse other than lack of internet during the evenings!  It’s amazing how dependent we can become on something as simple as internet access!

Random thoughts from the past month:

1.  Moving 30 years of belongings from a 3500 square foot home is daunting.  Little did we realize how many Uhaul trucks and how many days it would actually take.  But it is done!

2.  Moving back to an area you have lived before has its pros and cons.  Not sure which outweigh which yet!

3.  Living a few blocks from the Gulf of Mexico is a plus.  Almost daily walks on beautiful beaches with my bride of 30 years is a huge plus.  The opportunity to take hundreds of photographs is nice.  Sunsets, birds, water, boats, moon rise, etc.

4.  Having full-time employment for the first time in almost two years is nice.  Missed the interaction.  Grateful for the opportunity and enjoy the faith my employer has in me.  Having group health insurance is awesome!  I welcome the opportunity to pay for Cyndi’s simply because it’s group and there are no pre-existing conditions!

5.  Driving through an U.S. Air Force base each day is daunting.  Having F-22 fighter jets fly over as they prepare to land can be both exciting and kinda scary.

6.  Despite what some people would have you believe, there are thousands of people who are unemployed that would like to work.  I see people every day that would rather have a paycheck than receive any type of public assistance – whether that is unemployment compensation, food stamps, social security disability, etc. – they want a job.  Problem – there are not enough jobs for them to have in today’s economy.

7.  I get the opportunity to serve beside some of the best people.  Each Sunday I’m amazed at the dedication and genuine concern for others these people display.  City Church Tallahassee.

8.  Catalyst 2012 will take place in three days and Cyndi and I won’t have the opportunity to be in Atlanta for it this year.  Catalyst 2010 was one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had and was certainly a defining point in our spiritual journey.  Not the event itself, but the opportunity we took advantage of while there.

9.  My wife is amazing!  She is my number one supporter and fan.  30 years ago I married so far out of my class!  Thankful for who she is, what she stands for and what she is willing to do to make our lives better together!



Football In The South

Full disclosure – I graduated from Auburn University in 1982 (yes, Bo Jackson was there then) and I currently have season football tickets for Florida State University (FSU) and have had for a number of years.

Saturdays in September, October and November are sure to bring out the best and the best in people!  Especially if you live in or grew up in the South.  Football in the South is more than a pastime.  It is usually more than an obsession.  It almost qualifies as a religion.

Each week, fans of their respective college or university (regardless of whether they attended, graduated, or have even been to the campus) begin the pregame rituals of talking smack to their coworkers, friends, social media contacts, etc.  It escalates until game day when full team colors are worn, food and drink is prepared and the real tailgate parties begin.  If you can’t attend the games in person, you clear out a spot around your television and warn visitors of what’s about to happen.  As some 18 or 19 year old young man performs an amazing run, catch or block – you cheer!  When the opposing team does something equally well – you groan, cuss and yell at the tv. As the game nears the end,  you are either euphoric in victory or sullen because of defeat.  By Monday or Tuesday you have recovered and are beginning the cycle again.

I like college football.  I like Jesus even more.  I wish all of the fans of college football who claim to be Christ followers would demonstrate the same passion for Him they do for football.  Or whatever else the idol is for the week.

My prayer has been to be more of a follower and less of a fan.  Maybe more prayers should be that.