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Random Friday

Random thoughts from this week:

1.  Handwritten notes are still one of the most powerful means of communication, encouragement and persuasion.  When is the last time you took the time to hand write a note to someone?

2.  Interviews are good for you whether you get the job or not.  It’s helpful to hear yourself answer question out loud.  It’s good to see the expressions and reactions from the interviewers to your responses.

3.  Hands on leaders don’t necessarily get in the way but instead are willing to work alongside you even with physical tasks.  A leader should walk the walk and not just talk the talk!

4.  People really do watch what you do and remember how you handle those uncomfortable situations in life.  Be remembered for good not bad.

5.  I can’t wait for the Florida Primary Tuesday because I am sick of political advertisements already.

6.  Sometimes people want you to move out of their lives because you make them uncomfortable.  Your life constantly reminds them of what they know is truth – and they are not willing to embrace the truth yet!

7.  We all need to start living these great sayings we write on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  The world would be a lot better place!

8.  I really keep thinking about Lawton Chiles quote:  “The old he coon walks just before the light of day.”

Hope your Friday is going to be as great as mine!







I do believe the ultimate leadership example is Jesus Christ.

I sat this morning thinking about leaders and their leadership styles. I sat thinking about reading books and Facebook posts and tweets about leadership from supposed leaders. I sat thinking about all the people who have been hired or placed into leadership positions and began to think about what measured their successes.

There is more to leadership than writing cute statements that draw reactions from people who don’t know you. Leadership is more than restating the words from someone else. Leadership goes way beyond words. Leadership in its purest form is action. It’s example.

I think of the leaders I have admired the most. Those leaders who not only talked a good game but were and are willing to walk the walk! Action. Example.

Leadership is more than reading the best-selling book on leading. Leadership is more than facilitating a study. Leadership is more than sitting in the best seat. Leadership is more than wanting someone to like you. Leadership is more than needing an entourage.

Leadership is doing the things to get the job done. Leadership is being the first one to do the messy things in your organization. Leadership is doing the things no one else wants to do because they are hard and not the sexy things. Leadership is talking when it’s time to talk and being quiet when it’s time to be quiet. Leadership is having the hard conversation with the right people. Leadership is being willing to admit a decision needs to be changed. Leadership is being willing to do things beyond your own comfort zone. Leadership is willing to listen to those who have different opinions. Leadership is not about being right all the time.

Which leaders do you follow? Why do you follow them? What about them makes you want to be like them?

Think about the leadership of Jesus Christ. Would you not want to be like Him? It wasn’t just about words. It was about action.