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Another Beautiful View at the End of the Day




Sunset on St. Joe Bay.



Another view.



View from a few miles further down the coast.


Even the birds take a moment to enjoy the view!

Each of these were taken by Cyndi Ellzey

Not All Days Are Sunny

Woke up to a rainy, grey day today.

I’m not gonna lie.  My favorite days are filled with sunshine.

Knowing there is a season for everything helps approach the grey days!  Knowing that without the rain, the grass wouldn’t be as beautiful in the sun.  Knowing the rain is not only refreshing but sustaining.

While I do love the sunny days, I’ll take today because I know it’s necessary.  Life is much like this as well.  Not every day is filled with sunshine.  God really does know what He is doing when He brings rain into our lives and I’m thankful that He knows better than me what I need!