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More Random Friday Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts from this week:

I love the honesty and real talk that takes place in our community group each week!  As we talked about City Church Tallahassee Vision, Mission and Values this week, one statement stood out more than any other from one of our group members.  As we talked about reaching our community, he said (paraphrase) “Look at the text messages on your phone.  How many of them are from/to people who are not Christ Followers?  Maybe that tells us something about who we really care about.”  His intent was we need to be involved in the lives of others, especially those who don’t know Christ.  I appreciate his straight forward approach to life!

Continued to have good conversations about prayer with my wife, Cyndi this week.  As she reads The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, it has opened up new dialogue about prayer and specific prayers we both are praying!  Although we have always had a very good line of communication with each other, this has been a fresh approach to something dear to each of our hearts.  Praying specific prayers together is a good thing!  God will honor them I know!

We spent some time doing yard work this week.  With our frequent commute to Tallahassee each weekend, our yard is sometimes not the first to be attended when we get home each week.  As we were in the front, several cars slowly drove by – looking.  Some drove by more than once.  As we came inside our realtor called to see if someone could show our house in an hour.  Talk about some quick straightening on the inside!  I’m convinced this is going to be the answer to a specific prayer of ours!

Watched a leadership lesson play out this week.  One about delegation and being prepared.  While it turned out not so good, it will still be a good lesson for those involved.  Fortunately it was an issue far down on the list of “importance”.  Sometimes you have to let people fail in order for them to lead – it’s all part of learning!

Easter At The Civic Center is going to be a big deal!  Not for City Church Tallahassee but for God!  I’m excited about the thousands of people who will attend and hear the gospel.  Some for the very first time.  It’s going to take hundreds of volunteers to make this worship event work like it should and I’m thankful for the many people who are stepping up to fill a needed spot.  I can’t wait to write some about the neat things that happen that day!

Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday!  I can’t wait to celebrate it with her!  Part of the celebration will be seeing The Hunger Games.  That will be a treat as the family will be watching together!  We both love the time we get to spend with our kids!  Hoping this year will be one of the best my wife has ever experienced!


The Circle Maker

I recently finished reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson.  I have been a fan of his writings since the first time I read In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day.  His life, his faith, his teachings – all seem so simple when you read his words.  Yet they have had a powerful impact on my own life, faith and I hope my teachings.  The Circle Maker begins with the sharing of the true legend of Honi the circle maker, a first century Jewish sage whose bold prayer ended a drought and saved a generation.

This book on prayer has been especially challenging to me.  Prayer is not new to me.  I have understood the premise of prayer for a long time.  We recently had a discussion on the Lord’s Prayer in our community group that blended with this book well.  Cyndi and I have had numerous conversations over the past few weeks about prayer – what it is, what it isn’t, why God answers some and it seems He doesn’t answer others, how we pray, where we pray and even why we pray.

Most of my life I have been hesitant to pray specifically for personal things.  When our daughter was in ICU for months after her birth 24 years ago, it was hard to pray for certain things – simply because we were afraid of the outcome.  When the complications surrounding the pregnancy and birth of our son 20 years ago presented another opportunity for specific prayers – it was hard.

It’s easier for us to pray specifically for others.  Cyndi and I stood beside the hospital bed of a friend in 2009 and prayed that God would deliver her twins healthy, with no complications for mom or babies – when doctors where discussing things that weren’t so positive.  We prayed, believing that not only God would hear us but that He would act on our prayers – and He did!

Later in 2009 I gathered some friends together on Saturday mornings and we walked an empty field, praying for the kids who would one day play on that land.  Praying they would be surrounded by the love of God and would come to have a personal relationship with Him – specifically for kids I don’t know and probably will never meet.

Batterson suggests that sometimes our prayers seem to go unanswered because we are so vague in our conversations with God.  I’m committed to stop being vague.  I’m committing to bringing specific prayers before Him.

This week my prayer life changed.  I have become more specific.  I have become more intense.  I have become more consistent.  I have become more bold.  And not just for myself.

I’m reminded of Psalms 84:11 – a verse many of us know and recognize: “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.”

It’s time for me to start claiming more of the promises of God.  Circling them if you will.  And not just praying for them, but praying through them!