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Thanksgiving, Black Friday and My Prayer for You

I get amused reading tweets, blogs, Facebook status, etc. as people begin a week or so before Thanksgiving listing the current blessings in their lives – disguised at times as “what they are thankful for”.  Perhaps for the non Christ follower, the Thanksgiving holiday is in fact a time for them to reflect and acknowledge the material, relational and spiritual things in their lives.  For the Christ follower, today should be no different from any other day of the year – at least in terms of thankfulness!

What if we really lived as if we were thankful on days other than Thanksgiving?  What if we didn’t succumb to the whole black Friday thing?  What if we  really did care for those less fortunate than we are?  What if we really did those cute sayings we post on our social media pages?  What if…..

My prayer for the holiday seasons is this for you:  That you will let the spirit of Christ dwell in you so much that you resist the draw of Black Friday.  That you spend less and you give more.  That you give away your time to spend with someone who is lonely.  That you worship God fully, consistently and with passion!

What if …..

P.S.  This isn’t a request for you not to be thankful because we truely do have much.  Instead it is a request for all of us to live our lives with others in mind!