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Sharing life with friends is amazing!

We have chosen to facilitate a community group with City Church Tallahassee each week.  We have been doing this for 13 months now and while some of the faces have changed, there has been a core group of members that has grown over time.

Each Monday evening we begin gathering around 7:00 p.m. and spend some time catching up with each other – laughing about work and family and church and our various escapades each week.  We learn about new friends and what is happening in each of our lives.

We spend a good amount of time in prayer with and for each other.  With our group averaging about 15 in attendance each week this can seem to be time consuming but it is some of the best time we have with each other.  I believe our prayers for and with each other are special.  So often a Christ Follower’s prayer life can be consumed with selfish requests and pleas.  This is a true reflection of our care and concern for each other and part of what defines our community!

We are currently exploring The Apostle’s Creed and examining what we say we believe!  There are fantastic comments and discussions as we each bring our own unique perspective to our beliefs – and for that I am thankful.

Cyndi and I are blessed beyond words to be a part of this group!  Our community loves us and cares for us – just as we do them.  Thankful for opportunities to share life with others!


Monday nights are community group nights for us and last night was a good one!  Well attended and lots of conversation, laughter and good discussion about God as our Father.

We are looking at the Apostle’s Creed and focused on the first line last night:  “I believe in God the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.”  Most of our discussion centered on how our relationship with our earthly father fashions our perspective of our heavenly Father – both good and bad.  Some seem to lean towards a loving God while others have a deep respect for His sovereignty and almighty power.  Both are right.  As folks began describing how they view our Father almighty, I remained silent.  After it was over someone asked my point blank how I would describe “almighty”.

I don’t really know how to describe that and give justice to a definition.  I’m reminded of something James McDonald taught a few years ago about the greatness of God.  We tend to say a lot of things are awesome – that cookie was awesome, that sunset was awesome, that dress is awesome, she is awesome – but in reality only God is awesome and as we lessen the impact of the word by describing things on earth as awesome, we minimize how we view God.  Only God is awesome and only God is almighty.

I don’t want to minimize my view of God by describing Him in terms that I can apply to other things!  I want to have a big view of God.  I want to pray bigger prayers and expect bigger things because I believe in an awesome God – who really is almighty!

How do you describe the Father almighty?