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Sharing Sunset

We got to share our everyday life with a good friend this weekend!


Another Beautiful View at the End of the Day




Sunset on St. Joe Bay.



Another view.



View from a few miles further down the coast.


Even the birds take a moment to enjoy the view!

Each of these were taken by Cyndi Ellzey

Another post in the Spend Less, Give More series.

Mugs Life

Hello, hello and welcome to another post in my Spend Less, Give More series! If you’re just now joining us,  here’s a recap: I’ve been using Mugs Life to spotlight some different organizations to consider contributing to during this Christmas season. If you’re going to give gifts anyways, why not try presents with a purpose? Give something that will have a lasting impact on someone’s life! The previous posts have highlighted different needs people face on a daily basis, both physical and emotional: : clean water (Charity:Water), food and sustainability (to put it simply) Heifer International, shoes and eyesight TOMs, mental health with To Write Love On Her Arms, and yesterday’s which is mental health in a different way where you contribute your time instead of money through the outreach of writing love letters with More Love Letters.

Today I’m shifting the focus again, and if…

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Spend Less, Give More: More Love Letters

Reposting again tonight from Mug’s Life:

Spend Less, Give More: More Love Letters.

Take a few minutes to read this.  I promise you it’s worth it.

Spend Less, Give More: To Write Love On Her Arms

I’ve reposted several of these simply because the theme Spend Less, Give More is dear to our hearts. Check out The Life of Mugs:

Spend Less, Give More: To Write Love On Her Arms.

Take a Moment, Watch This: “Finding Benjamin”

Repost today from Meg Says:

Take a Moment, Watch This: “Finding Benjamin”.

Spend Less, Give More

Reposting my daughter’s post:

Spend Less, Give More.

Just Another Morning at the Beach

Mornings are beautiful here too!


Pride, Forgiveness, Grace

We’ve been trying to spend more time at Mexico Beach lately. Even though we are almost 4 1/2 hours away, it’s worth every minute of the nine hour round trip! As you can tell from some of my recent posts, we spend quite a bit of our time there early in the morning and late in the evening. This gives us ample time to be in awe of God’s creation! Here’s another recent photo of one of our evenings:

I think one of the reasons I like being in the middle of such awesome reminders is that I need reminded of grace. Sometimes I have a hard time with forgiveness. And my difficulty with forgiveness is nothing but pride on my part. And that’s why I need to be reminded of grace, and love, and mercy. And when I’m reminded of these things, my pride is reduced and I’m humbled by the thought of His love.


A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend about influence (actually wrote a quick thought about it on this blog).

Our talk was specifically about influence and responsibility – how is not defined by the other – and that the two are not equal. Simply because you have been relegated a responsibility within an organization does not equate to influence within the same organization. Responsibility is important. Without the accountability for what we are responsible for accomplishing our jobs would be devalued.

Influence is so much more than responsibility. Influence by definition (

the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others: He used family influence to get the contract.

the action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others: Her mother’s influence made her stay.

a person or thing that exerts influence: He is an influence for the good.

Is your influence expanding or shrinking? One of my biggest strengths over the years has been my sphere of influence. What I have observed is my influence is sometimes diminished depending on how I am viewed in an organization.

Is it better to have a larger role within an organization with less influence? Or should one use the strengths you have and exert your influence?

The conversation with my friend may have helped both of us with the answers. I tend to believe that if your influence is shrinking then something may not be right. Our ability to influence for good is far more important than our organizational status! And on top of that it’s important to remember that our circumstances don’t define who we really are!