I am constantly in awe of the beauty of creation.  This time of day is one of my favorites.  To view the waves, the sunset, the nature and to consider how it looks and acts the way it does can be confounding.

A friend regularly calls me and arranges a time to get together – sometimes with a group of other men and sometimes just the two of us.  Today was one of those times we got together.  It’s a time where we drink coffee, catch up with life and our families, encourage each other and generally laugh a lot!

During our conversation my friend asked me about our finances.  He knows our life story and knows the season of life we are currently experiencing.  He knows we have stepped out in faith in a manner that is beyond his imagination (and sometimes ours)!  As I shared with him some details and some of the crazy things that have happened to keep us going, I was quick to  acknowledge I don’t believe at all it is a coincidence.  I firmly believe that God has provided all we have, as we need it, when we need it and only what we need.  My friend gets it.  He understands.  While he has never questioned our faith, I know he has wondered if it was genuine and real.  I’m convinced God uses examples like this, uses our story to impact other lives.  I know it has impacted my friend.

I don’t really believe in coincidences.  Just as the sun rises and sets each day, I know God is in complete control.  I’ve got to believe Jeremiah 29:11 – 11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


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9 responses to “Coincidence?

  • Rivera Douthit

    I agree. Only God’s providence, no coincidence:) And God is faithful regardless of our faithfulness. But it seems He always provides when we follow HIm and step out in faith!

  • stevenwwatkins

    Lee — your step of faith … is it anything you can talk about? You got my interest.

    • Lee Ellzey

      Sure. I’m not ashamed of it at all. In January 2011, I quit my employment (on staff at a local church) to assist a friend in his church plant. I live in Inverness, Florida – the church plant is in Tallahassee, Florida – 200 miles away! My wife and I have commuted each weekend (Friday through Tuesday) to help lead, mentor, teach, etc. My goal was/is to find employment in Tallahassee and continue to help where I can. 18 months later we’re still making that commute. I haven’t worked for pay in a long time! God has been very good in providing what we need as we need it. He blessed us with a good career outside the church world and we’ve used a tremendous amount of our funds to make this season of life happen. Not sure if this season is over or it’s not finished yet! I have a house that hasn’t sold which makes the actual move difficult! But God is more than good to us!

      • stevenwwatkins

        Wow. Thanks for sharing that. That is, in fact, the kind of faith that produces huge things. I think it will literally unleash God’s blessing on your family. I’ve sort of been there, done that, and as I look back God was in everything, all the time, Keep us updated. You’re doing great work on the blog as well. Godspeed, my friend.

  • kathylashley

    Lee, I’ve nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award!

  • Trey

    Lee, as we’ve discussed in the past, it was not a coincidence that I “stumbled upon” your blog while I was going through the same season as you and had many similarities. Well, God the great provider gave me a job opportunity last Thursday and I accepted. It’s with a company I have wanted to be a part of for years. God is good! A friend sent me the verse, Psalm 37:4 and I’ve counted on that.

    All this to say that I appreciate and am thankful for your consistency and your “delighting in the Lord.” It has been an encouragement to me and I just wanted you and others to know that.

    • Lee Ellzey

      Congratulations! I’m truely convinced there are no coincidences in life. God crossed our paths for a reason! I do covet your prayers – you can relate to our current season.
      Greater Things!

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