A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend about influence (actually wrote a quick thought about it on this blog).

Our talk was specifically about influence and responsibility – how is not defined by the other – and that the two are not equal. Simply because you have been relegated a responsibility within an organization does not equate to influence within the same organization. Responsibility is important. Without the accountability for what we are responsible for accomplishing our jobs would be devalued.

Influence is so much more than responsibility. Influence by definition (

the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others: He used family influence to get the contract.

the action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others: Her mother’s influence made her stay.

a person or thing that exerts influence: He is an influence for the good.

Is your influence expanding or shrinking? One of my biggest strengths over the years has been my sphere of influence. What I have observed is my influence is sometimes diminished depending on how I am viewed in an organization.

Is it better to have a larger role within an organization with less influence? Or should one use the strengths you have and exert your influence?

The conversation with my friend may have helped both of us with the answers. I tend to believe that if your influence is shrinking then something may not be right. Our ability to influence for good is far more important than our organizational status! And on top of that it’s important to remember that our circumstances don’t define who we really are!

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9 responses to “Influence

  • whyilovewesttexas

    I believe that if our influence has been good, that will be our best reward in Heaven. To know you have made a difference for good in someones life, is worth much more than all the money you might have given during a life time. We should live our life each day as if we expect the whole world to be watching and depending on us to do our best.
    John Tucker

  • stephiekaye

    No matter what our responsibility we should be well aware of our influence. I am not responsible for a corporate office or have a leadership position in a church. But I make it my responsibility to be a good influence to those God graces me with! Great line of thought.

    • Lee Ellzey

      Thanks. The conversation started because of confusion with the two. Our influence is so much greater than we imagine!

  • kateshrewsday

    Thought provoking, Lee: I have always thought influence is more God’s part of the bargain. Mine is to be the best at what I do, and as full of integrity as I can be. When He sends me leads I try to follow them. If He wants me influential he’ll find a way. Meanwhile, I just keep saying it how I see it 🙂

  • LindaLou

    Love your blog. Interesting question and ideas to ponder. I hope your influence will grow naturally as you do what you are supposed to be doing, as you do it well and responsibly, and as you are open to more ways to serve. I think things can go wrong if influence is the goal rather than the by-product.

    • Lee Ellzey

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree that influence should never be the goal. As it occurs naturally, it is most well served!

  • stonewallgalleries

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    Beautiful photos speak more to me than words – hence the lack of volumes of text on our website. Beauty is everywhere, we can see it if we stop to look.

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