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This week I had the surprise to be nominated for The Liebster Blog Award by Meghan at Mug’s Life.  This award is to recognize and promote blogs with less than 200 followers.  This is what Meghan had to say about my blog:

Life, Leadership and Faith Lee is a Christian, husband, dad, friend. I might be a little biased on this one since we’re related and everything, but really it’s an awesome blog. Lee shares on a regular basis about the ongoings in his life and the journey that Christ is taking him on. He writes honestly about the different lessons he learns from his experiences. There are also frequent posts with gorgeous beach photos (and other photography!)

Granted, Meghan is my daughter, but it was still awfully nice to be recognized!  She also has another blog, Meg Says.  Our musings are nothing alike but each are interesting reads from day-to-day!  Meghan was nominated for this award by Lauren at A Novel Place.

Now it’s my turn to nominate some really interesting reads – I’m not sure about the number of followers each has, but they are well worth your time to check out!

It’s a God thing

With Love From Iowa



Humbled Pie

Thanks again to Meghan for nominating me for this recognition.   I hope you will check out her blog as well as take a look at these I have nominated as well!











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