Leading by Example

One of the very first leadership lessons I learned was by observing a boss of mine.  Not only was he in charge according to the organization chart and he was the one who approved my pay and leave time – he was actually a leader by example.

This man actually walked the walk – not just talked the talk.  He jumped in and got his hands dirty when it was required.  He didn’t just tell me and others to do the things no one else wanted to do.

He had the tough conversations with staff as soon as they needed to be held.  He didn’t wait until situations got out of hand and were impossible to reign in.

He prepared for presentations and other public interactions – he didn’t just wing it.

He made sure he interacted with his organization on a daily basis – he knew what they were doing and what projects they were working on and what their suggestions were for a better organization and product.  He didn’t seclude himself from others or make it hard to meet with him.

He stood up for his followers (employees) – not just when things went awry as they sometimes do but publicly praised them regularly.

Perhaps most of all, this leader wanted those who were on his team to succeed – whether it was within his organization or beyond it.  He cared about people.

He led by example.  What kind of leader are you?

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