Politics, Mormanism, Jesus

Here’s what I know about the uproar this past week.  A Southern Baptist pastor of a megachurch in Dallas called Mormanism a cult.  While I don’t know the Webster’s definition of cult, I know that everything that pastor has been taught makes him know that Mormans don’t believe the same as he does and in his mind that makes them not a Christian religion.

Is Mormanism a cult?  There are some things in their beliefs that would cause a normal Christian to pause.  Here’s the bottom line.  Anything that adds to the sacrifice of Jesus dying on the cross and raising from the dead and ascending to be with God, the Father is wrong.  Anything that takes away from that sacrifice or minimizes it in any way is wrong.  Anything that suggests the good works you do help you get to heaven is wrong.  Any book that adds to the Bible or tries to be equal in authority to it is wrong.

Being a Christian shouldn’t equal hatred like this pastor is pushing.  But at the same time, truth is truth.  There just might be a better way to share his knowledge and beliefs.


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