A Christ Follower’s Response to The Reaction to Casey Anthony

Guilty or not guilty.  Justice served or not.  Once again, “Christians” across this nation have proven they are no different in their reactions than non-Christians.  This bothers me and I think this is a great example of whether people who profess to be “Christians” are true followers of Him or merely fans of Him.

Claiming to be a Christian is easy.  Being a true Christ Follower is not.  Throughout Christ’s teachings, He tells us how difficult it is and will be.  Today’s church has and continues to pretend it is easy to be a Christ Follower.  Raise your hand.  Sign this form.  Say this prayer.  Poof you’re a christian. Not.

Die to yourself. Love others. Obey His teachings.  Much harder and not as popular.  Obviously why so many choose to be a fan and not a follower.

You can justify your words and your actions as to why you say and do what you do.  At the end of the day, Christ Followers are to be different.  Not because we are perfect but because we are trying to do and follow what Christ teaches us and that in itself is different than how the world acts.

Be angry. Be mad. Be outraged.  But don’t spew hatred and vile things on facebook, twitter, your blog or even while talking to others.  Remember, the same Christ who died for you died for Casey Anthony.



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3 responses to “A Christ Follower’s Response to The Reaction to Casey Anthony

  • chazzie

    I agree with you that we shoudn’t go over the edge with our emotions. By the same token, it doesn’t mean we can’t be upset with this verdict…………..we are called to “hate sin” and watching what Casey did over the past 3 years (including during the trial) was horrific! We are also told “not to sin in our anger” and should take our emotions from this injustice and turn them into doing something positive. We should all hug our own children more each day tell them how much they mean to us. Lastly, (though it may be difficult) we need to forgive and pray for this disturbed woman that she come to a point of seeking genuine repentance from our Lord.

  • randomrostrum

    Well said. i thought the trial was interesting. There wasn’t enough proof, no matter what your emotions told you. That’s my opinion–and the jury’s. I can’t help but contrast the weeks of anti-Casey media coverage with the last-minute national coverage of Troy Davis, who almost certainly was not guilty of murder and was sentenced based on fraudulent law-enforcement practices and later-recanted “eye-witnesses.” That verdict was unjust, as was the verdict/execution of texas’ willingham (did i send you link to the new yorker story on THAT one–signed-off on by the nonchalant Gov Rick Perry?). Let’s see some Christian involvement over the death penalty in practice vs. theory, is what i say!

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