Slacker Confession

Ok.  I acknowledge that I have been slacking on my committment to contribute regularly here.  Once every four months is not regular.  Here is an update on what’s been happening in our lives since March:

Easter on the Moon! – City Church Tallahassee (formerly The Well) held Easter services at a popular, local Tallahassee night club.  More than 3,000  people attended! Everyone there heard a gospel message, heard about Jesus and heard how they could spend eternity with Him!  Dozens made the decision to follow him!

Cyndi and I have continued our weekly commute from Inverness to Tallahassee to support what God is doing through City Church.  The City Church team is the best I have had the opportunity to work beside.  The faces in our community group have changed but it is growing!  Average attendance for worship during the summer is still over 500  people – this is a ministry built on college students who usually are not on campus during the summer months! 

Ethan, Cyndi and I are going with 11 other people to Cartagena, Colombia in August.  Meghan would go but doesn’t have the time to take from her job.  We are going to spend almost 10 days serving some of the poorest people in Colombia.  Pray with us for hearts to be prepared even today that will be receptive when we get there.  To learn more about this trip, visit

City Church Tallahassee is the corporate sponsor for the City of Tallahassee’s annual July 4th celebration!  Another opportunity for us to tell thousands of people about Jesus and City Church.  If you are in Tallahassee on July 4, 2011, come on out and enjoy the festivities!

Cyndi has done some amazing things to 10004 E. Regency Row!  Fresh paint everywhere and lots of decluttering of “stuff”!  I assist but she is the leader in this project!  The person who buys our house will appreciate the work!

Still unemployed, still looking and still convinced that God has a position for me that will be the perfect spot where He wants me to be!

God is good. All the time.


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