Adventure Update!

Week 9 of our most recent adventure is underway!  Following what God wants us to do is an adventure that has stretched us, tested our faith, and further confirmed that we are doing exactly what He wants us to do!

Each week we pack the car, travel to Tallahassee, worship at The Well, lead a communtiy group, gather our things and head back to Inverness.  While in Inverness, we have a busy few days:  Cyndi has condensed her regular customers into a few days, there are incremental projects to freshen up of our house to prepare it for sale, job search and networking for employment opportunities.

Each week we know beyond a doubt that this is the beginning of exactly what we are to be doing.  We are being used in a number of ways by God in our new roles in Tallahassee.  We are developing new relationships in our community group.  We are having the opportunity to be in an advisory role to the best team in Tallahassee!  We are able to participate in a peer group that thinks outside the normal boxes, cares unconditionally about people, wants to create an environment that welcomes everyone and has one of the biggest visions for Kingdom Impact we have ever seen/joined!

God’s provision is always good.  Although I haven’t worked for pay since the first week in January, God has provided for all of our needs.  As we wait on Him, it has been amazing at the number of people that have begun to become interested in helping me explore opportunities and offer genuine words of encouragement.  He has a plan and He will reveal it in His on time.  While this may sound strange to some, it makes perfect sense to us!  I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else right now!

By the way, tomorrow we travel with 20 of our newest friends to Unleash – a one day conference hosted by Perry Noble at Newspring in Anderson, S.C.  It’s going to be a long 48 hours but it’s going to be an opportuntiy to learn from some of the best!


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