This time, it’s for real!

It has been ages since I posted here – whether you read this or not, it’s good for me to write!  With so much going on in our lives over the past few months, I encouraged Cyndi to journal it all so we could remember the emotion, feelings and actual happenings of the way God has worked in our lives.

So, we’ll begin trying to put up here what has happened and let you see for yourself how Crazy we are!

Back in the spring of 2010, a series of events took place that clearly showed Cyndi and I that we did not need to continue to be a part of what was going on in our church community.  We had been a part of a fantastic team that was open to God’s leading and wanted to reach Citrus County.  We began implementing some things that had never happened there before and although God blessed those outreach activities, the “old guard” was not as receptive!

We began seriously pursuing some of the truths laid out in Mark Batterson’s Wild Goose Chase, Francis Chan’s Crazy Love and David Platt’s Radical.  As we led small groups that explored these writings, it became clear that much of this was too much for many!  But the amazing thing about reading and studying about what the Bible says about being a Christ Follower is that our eyes and hearts were opened as never before and we truly realized that if we say we are followers of Christ then we have to do the things He tells us to do!

Many of you know of our relationship with Dean Inserra and The Well in Tallahassee.  Dean is being used by God in some very unique ways – reaching thousands of unreached people in that city.  We have helped out where we could in prayer, finances and physically helping their warehouse get ready for services.  In early December 2010, Dean called me and told me they needed someone to lead a new community group in January.  Long story short, I told him we would do it!  I called Cyndi, told her of my conversation and that I would discuss with our church when our last day would be.  I told my senior pastor that week that we would be leaving in early January!  No job, no place to stay, but a strong reliance on God that He would provide!  During the next few weeks I received a telephone call from Dr. Matthew Robinson, Executive Pastor at The Well – offering us a room in his house for as long as we needed it during our adventure.

My last day on staff at FBC Inverness was January 9, 2011.  On Monday, January 10, 2011, Cyndi and I traveled to Tallahassee, met with the staff and attended a community group dinner to meet some of the couples who would be joining us!  Every Monday since then we have been leading a community group in Matthew’s house – probably have had 18 different people attend, while averaging about 14 each week!  The people we have met and are beginning to do life with are incredible!  Loving, giving, unselfish people who all have something in common – a desire to reach out to those who do not know Christ!

This is week six of walking away from my position as Executive Pastor at FBC Inverness to follow God’s leading in our lives to go where He said to go and do what He said to do.  Still no job but He has not failed to meet our needs!

In my next few posts I hope to share more of our journey and the stories of some of our new friends!


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